Friday, September 30, 2005


Dean suxs at foot ball lol xD haha o.O dean u know i luv ya :P Dani fucking call me u whore xD lol


just got home from skool like 15mins ago w8ting for the black "dani" 2 call me b.c she suppost 2 come over:P imm soo bored watching Dean play football he sux at it lol i still love ya dean! :P lol hehe umm baby.. wat do u mean when u said u Alost messed up our relationship ?? i wanna know wat happen... i love u baby... ~kiss~ hows ur eye? baby try 2 eat sumthing.. i dont want u 2 get anymore sick.. i wish i was with u right now.. i told u not 2 get anymore fights... =/ well i guess ill write l8r i love you baby!~

Thursday, September 29, 2005

im soo happy :P

im soo happy that i got 2 talk 2 my baby on the phone 2 day :P i missed him soo much =( wish i was still talking 2 him right now =( grr stupid mom i hate her right now >.< i love you baby soo much i cant even explan how much i do.. =/ i wish i could ..I love you.. god i cant stop saying i love you but its true i love you soo much.. baby ur the best thing that ever happen 2 me i mean it well ill write soo more l8r I LOVE YOU BABY!


uhh im up 4 skool i hate it i dont wanna go =/ just want 2 see my BLACK DANI!!! and see my friend that i just found out he has a baby -.- and my step mom is friends with the chick ant so im backing up 4 him saying i dont know him lol but i dont think i cant keep it any longer ther gonna find out wat he look like anyways =/ i hope my baby is ok he really sick =/ wish i was with him right now =( aww baby u really gonna cut back onj ciggs 4 me ? AWW I LOVE YOU! god i couldnt sleep all night it hurts in side that i cant talk 2 u =( i just cant wait intill monday right when i get home im going 4 the phone! 2 call u well i g2g skool =/ i love u baby more then anything ~Kiss~ i miss you...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

2 day was very boring couldnt sleep last night b.c all i was think about was andy =( didnt go 2 bed intill 5am then i had 2 get up ay 7:30am 2 go 2 work with my dad all i did was watch 2 movies then i fall asleep b,c i didnt feel gd then i got up the watch3 more movie then listin 2 cds didnt get home intill 8pm then i had 2 go home >.< b.c i have skool i hate being here i hate my cuz that staying here for 2 weeks she such a bitch she wonders y i fucking hate her soo damn much this weeknd im gonan go 2 my dads friday night soo i dont have 2 be here b.c her sister and her husbend gonan come in town and stay with us 2 I fucking hate this family i dont wana even be by them... i miss my baby soo much i wanna cry soo bad =( baby cant w8t 2 talk2you again. its killing me soo much not hearing u and telling u 2 stop blowing in the phone I miss that =( well im gonan go i dont feel gd im gonna go try and dream about my baby i prob wont get anysleep but im gonna try i love u andy soo much ~kiss~ ill write u l8r

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

me in the middle  Posted by Picasa


hmm yea.. uhhh idk wat iam doing..... but yea im typeing hehe


hmm baby idk wat the hell im doin but lol i miss u soo much =( it only been 1 night and i feel like dieing b.c i cant talk 2 u =/ i miss u alot i wanna go see u =/ im at dads right now b,c me and mom and step dad got in a big fight and it was not even funny he hit me and pushed me i pushed him back and trip him in front of his friend it was funny kinda but i was soo freaken pissed then i call dad 2 come pick me up b.c of that and then when he got here my dad started yelling at him.. 4 a sec i thought my dad was gonna punch the lights out of him.. ='( baby i miss u soo freaken much... god when u leavein in the summer and i cant talk u its gonna be hell god i cant even take 1 day without talkin 2 u. y is ur rents doin the 2 u and me =( i gotta talk 2 u wat did u do wrong this time? well baby i love u soo much!