Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Omg Dani im gonna die Like this Lmao

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Buzz fest!

Buzz fest was sooo freaken kool got 2 see all my fav bands Yellow card seether bloodhound gang and fall out boy and More xD dani im sry i lost ur weed necklace $ 8 on that thing lost it in the mosh pit =( o well Dani quit saying i look high im NOT! im just sick as hell ='( i wanna go home soo freaken bad... i wanna talk 2 andy =( I LOVE YOU BABY! im gonna try 2 go home now...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yo Jeremey

Yo Jeremey!!
Sup my homie G lol dude i didnt know u had a blogger... Didnt know like the whole skool has 1 for that stupid class.. maybe thats y it lets me on here and not vampirefreaks anymore lol Thank god u brought ur glass 2 day b,c i dont feel like reading Yay! yeasteraday was wired reading 2 u idk y lol But its all good u know im here when u need sum 1 :P well yea Oo haha u couldnt get on the comp in keyboarding class it let me see im on lol well yea Yo dani ! we fucking around after skool :P damn i wish we brought my sk8t board i could be sk8ting in the hall ways lol well yea Baby i miss you.. I love you.. ill call u 2night =*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Monday, October 17, 2005

uh yea i took this test on andys blogger lol :P i love you

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Friday, October 14, 2005


im at skool im soo bored lol
Baby i love you soo much!
u my day last night ~kiss!~
well i g2g bell gonna ring in 3 sec lol dani !!! i wuv woo! ur a pimp!!
Baby i love you! So much! more then u'll ever love me ! xD

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


grr last night was soo grrness thought i was gonna hurt sum1 ..
yea i have a bad anger prob sumtimes just only happen when my mom really really piss me off she like the only person that gets me in that anger place lol
idk i was luaghing at my mom when she was yelling at me i couldnt help it she looks soo funny when she pissed and starts yelling Even my brother and step dad starts luaghing about it 2 but that just got me in more trouble.. i couldnt hold my luaghing in.. o well yea.. i was crying for 4hrs b,c i fucked up with my grades and i thought i couldnt talk 2 my baby for 6 WEEKS! -.- but me and mom talked and she ask me if i really loved andy? (b.c i really dont cry when i get grounded im like fuck it w.e idc but this time i was like 6weeks without talkin to my bf would be bad) and i said Yes..More Then Anything and she said she never saw me in love be4 b.c i never really was.. But Now iam so i get 2 have my weekends free and 30mins aday for the phone the comp idk about that.. but i dont care for that just the phone so i could talk 2 my baby Sry dani dont call me 30mins is for andy not you So dont be mad at me .. ill call you if mom lets me ill ask.. But hey i get 2 see u at skool so :P on that andy dont get 2 see me so u better be happy i see you.. well im cold -.- i gotta go steal me a jaket now lol Baby i dont really want you 2 go 2 airforce B.c i wont get 2 talk 2 you But i guess ill deal with it But... i want u 2 go.. If u do go u know ill be here waiting for you baby I Love you well i g2g about 2 go 2 math class and hurt that teacher that called my house and got me grounded -.- I LOVE YOU BABY! ~KISS~ i love u 2 dani i guess lol

Monday, October 10, 2005

lala im in skool

lala o dani My hump my hump my hump my hump xD
o yea dani my crap version on ohio for lovers
" spare me just 3 last words suck my dick is all she heard" yea... lmao
well last night was very boring on the phone with Eugene intill 4:30am .. me and his brother were fighting it was funny he was talking about me and i was talking about him and his hoes then i had 2 help eugene with his girls probs was boring i fall sleep yea.. then i got off the phone got up took a shower got dressed then jump back in bed got up at 6 got on the bus then yea.. then me and dani were talking saw jenna and said HEY JENNA dani got red was funny and now im here in class kinda sleepy i want sum more candy yea.. and my friend is watching me type right now so yea ... O yea baby
my Aim sn is Chopperchick395 or Sk8tergirl395
i really miss you when i cough on the phone i miss you saying hospital ='( well i g2g ill type l8r when i home I love you baby

Saturday, October 08, 2005

i love my baby

i love my baby soooo much ! i wish i could be with him right now ='( o dani i miss u 2 just not as much as i miss my baby =( dani when i get home 2mrrow we going 2 the mall!

every thing i do ill do it for you

Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me.
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there
You'll search no more

Don't tell me it's not worth trying for
You can't tell me it's not worth dying for you
You know it's true
Everything I do
I do it for you

Look into my heart you will find
There's nothing there to hide
Take me as I am take my life
I would give it all I would sacrifice

Don't tell me it's not worth fighting for
I can't help it there's nothing I want more
You know it's true
Everything I do -
I do it for you

There's no love like your love
And no other could give more love
There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way...

Don't tell me it's not worth trying for
I can't help it there's nothing I want more

I would fight for you
I'd lie for you
Walk the fire for you
Yeah I'd die for you

You know it's true
Everything I do
I do it for you

Friday, October 07, 2005


baby i g2g every body going 2 bed and i gotta go in the liveing room 2 watch tv so hmm ill ttyl i guess 2mrrow i love you good night ~kiss on the lips~ i love you more then u love me!

2day was ok..

2 day was kool didnt get up intill 12 lol :P then had 2 go to this thing with my uncle so he could get a pee test lol we just drove around then i had 2 feed the baby lol she soo fat for her age i had 2 feed ehr fast or she would cry =/ lol i didnt do a really good job feeding her she had food all over her face lol then we got my uncle then he feed her and alomost throw up b.c the baby food look ew and smelled yea it did lol got home then me nad my ant went 2 the beach took are shoes off and walk on teh beach my shoes almost went bye bye lol i had 2 run and get them be4 the water got them .. i found alot of kool shells im gonna keep my ant was just talkin away lol saw the 2 boys trying 2 fish i went upand talk 2 them and got the fishin pole nad throw it out ther and showed them how 2 fish lol was funny then we left and came home and watch tv we might go back 2 the beach 2 night b.c i wanna go i liek the beach at night b.c the moon and the wind and the sand at night looks really kool 2 me :P
o Dani! How was skool? lol did u tell dean 2day that me and sara alomst kicked Hilarys ass yesterday b.c she was hang on 2 this one dude sara friend? u prob didnt lol ill tell him monday or sunday idk his number by heart lol. Did i miss anything good 2day? b.c every time i dont go 2 skool sumthing good happens! and i always miss it =(
Well baby i really miss you when i was at the beach i was wishing u were with me =( i wanna call u but its not 5 anymore and i just got on.. =( ~kiss you on the lips~ I love you baby more then anything in this world teddy!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

going 2 watch a movie

hmm baby i g2g my uncle girl mom going 2 bed and this comp is in her room so i g2g hmm call me at 832 512 7125 ( its her cell phone but ill have it) ill have it 2night and 2mrrow after noon b.c in the morning i think were going fishing so yea but ill have phone 2 night and if any1 else picks the phone up just ask for me and they give it 2 me


well been at my uncle for like 3 hrs now just found out they had a comp lol aww my baby in trouble again so i prob wont get 2 talk 2 him =( ~cry~ thats gonan be hard i cant even take 1 night with out talking 2 him.. its killing me right now =( Haha dani u gotta go 2 skool! baby. i wanna go and get you... i love you.. im missing you right now..
Baby im gonna call u hmm call my mom and tell her 2 call me 2 call you i love u baby Ther i Fixed it lol

omg dani

grr dani ur soo slow and we cant talk so i gonna tell u were when i got out of hmm wats that class uhhh idk mrs woods class i saw Brandon and i yell his name and he was look around and shit finding who said his name and then he saw me and ran up 2 me and ask me y was i yelling his name i said its the end of the world 2 day and he said o really well then if it is Would u go out with me ? i was like -.^ uhhh got a bf and he was like idc and i was like i do and he said how long have yall been 2gether i was like 1 month and he was like o.O so? idc i was liek wtf no im not cheating on my bf im not like that cheating hurts 2 much and he was like oO well then bye then i left o.O u know that mexican boy name hmm idk his name but yea i called him a loser and he was like dont call me a loser and i was like wat if i do wat u gonna do about it he said im gonna put my dick in ur mouth casy was like o.O eww well ill ttyl bell ring

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

o dani.. im sry.. i wont be at skool friday afternoon =/ ill just be ther for 1-2 and maybe 3 period my uncle gonna come pick me up :P and me and my ant gonna go 2 the beach and rid the boats and stuff then saterday were gonna go2 this wedding and get drunk xD o yea and sing lol lmao im gonan go up ther and sing and look liek a dumb ass xD o yea! score! lol Baby i already talk 2 my uncle nad he said i could call u and stuff so ill talk 2 u this weekend :P damn u dont have any mins on ur cell =( i could call u friday when ur in class lol o well well yea im gonna go watch a movie i guess. I LOVE YOU BABY..!!


Dude dani that was not kool u were not suppost 2 give me back that pepsi bottle at me i throw it back at you and it hit that chick lol she was like wtf all i did was look at her and she walk away.. lol dani were that hmm place its by the lunch room we gotta go down ther for History and im gonna get lost like always .. i was sleeping in 2 of my class already o yea dani are we gonna go 2 lunch or go to the library? im soo freaken cold -.- GRr lol alright dani im gonna write u l8r bell is about 2 ring and math class is next im gonna walk out in that class lol well yea

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Grr Dean wont call the freaken place 2 get the older for pizza =( Grr on him!!! and im 2 lazy 2 do it well im scaryed 2 call them lmao yea so wat IM hunger =( no1 home an ddean wont cook for me >.< lol baby.. get off line.. i wanna call you!

im Sooo Happy

im soo happy im back with andy :P i couldnt deal with us being friends But now im back with him every things back how it was =D DANI quit saying mean stuff about him! lol dani wats ur sn again its like juckboxfuckup sumthing liek that well i g2g skool LOVE U BABY SOO MUCH ALOT MOER THEN ANYTHING!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Deams 2 make Believe

Its funny how things work out,
The ones we need don't know we're there,
If i were sand and u were oceans
the moon would be why your pulled 2 me,
I wake up and think dreams are real,
i sleep so i dont have 2 feel,
the truth that you can never be
the one person that wont ever 4get me
i hope that dreams come when i die,
So we can talk i wont wake up,
i'll ask how ur life worked out,
I'll never know that im just dreaming
i wake up and think dreams are real
i sleep so i dont have 2 feel
BUt you thought you could never be
the one person that won't ever forget me
Let me sleep sum more...

DUDE black

Dani dude thought we were gonna get in trouble b.c u know us skiping math class and yea lol was funny 2 many teachers saw us lol i wish i had a dr . pepper and sum skittles =( but i didnt lol i was listin 2 my cd player back ther ... well yea... ttyl call me when u get home bitch!
andy i still love you...
Nick that kool that u like me and yea but wouldnt work out with us Sry DUDE!

Hey Nick

hey nick ill show u this website l8r just right now i couldnt tell u at skool idk y just wanna to say thanks 4 helping me out when im down and stuff and thanks 4 letting me have ur jaket i was really cold and i found letters in them O.o DIDNT KNOW U LIKE ME O.O yea and thats kool but.. yea... thanks for the skittles :P

uh im up >.< was hopeing i wasnt gonna wake up

damn was wishing i would have dead in my sleep but i guess that didnt work at all >.< i feel like crap and i want every thing back how it was but its not i see ='( but Dani im comeing 2 skool -.- but u get me sum more SKITLLES!! and maybe a monster if u love me that much! :P well im off I love u andy more then anything like i said o the phone was true...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

bad day

UH 2 night was the wrost night ever! almost lost the person i love soo much the person that means every thing 2 me.. i wish things will just go back how they were be4 this weekend happen =/ but i cant change anything and i just hope things go back how it was and if it dont im kinda ready 4 it and Nathan u got ur freaken wish u fag doesnt mean im gonna like u i still hate u for wat u did. o Dani i dont think im gonna go 2 skool i feel like crap mom thought i was high >.< and if i do go 2 skool im not gonna do shit just gonna sit ther lol and look stupid like always lol or just might skip skool idk...


Dani... Get Me Sum MONSTER AND SKITTLES PLZ... I really need it right now..


Andy i wasnt that mad at u but now i am b.c me u and breakin up and the only reason we didnt talk b.c me and my cuz ran away i wantd 2 be with u so we went up ther but then cop got us and I tyed calling but u were 2 Busy with ur x gf and now the only thing that hurts me is that were not 2gether and im stupid that going up ther and got my as cought by the damn cops

Dani call me when u see this