Monday, January 30, 2006

haha had 2 put this on here =P

Hmm havent been on this in along time.. lol... im glade that Andy see how i see it now.. like.. always putting shandi in are way... i feel like she always comeing in frount of me .. =( and he wonder y i feel like im loseing him... But i know im not... cuz he love me =D and i love him back =D yeah.. idk wat 2 say but the bell about 2 ring soo ill finsh this l8r ..
Dani.... Im killing kenny and kasey Lol..

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hmmm i guess the only time i get on this is when im at skool lol..
im soo sleepy lol..
i miss my baby alot.. idk i feel like i havent talk 2 him in along time but i talk 2 him last night and almost all day 16hrs on the phone with him =P when im on the phone with him i miss him but im talking 2 him.. idk it wired... And now i kinda dont feel like im loseing him anymore thank god =) i love him soo much he means soo much 2 me ... well im going .. DANI!!!!! U WHORE U DIDNT CALL ME BACK AFTER U GOT OUT OF THE SHOWER!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

hmmmm at skool agian ... its 7:37am...
and every body working and im done with it .. and so i got 45min free time =P
yeasterday had 2 go 2 a softball meeting and me and country were laughing and jocking around in skool found out sum chick was gonna try fight nikki and told her 2 make brownies for her lmfao me and country just thought that was the funnyest thing ever ... thank god im not in that softball class cuz i would already be kicked out of skool lol..
i talk 2 my baby last night... i miss him sooo much ... i feel like im loseing him thow... cuz he always on the phone with shandi.. or talking about her 2 me .. well im gonna go..

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wow havent been on this in along time cuz maybe i only get on it at skool...
things change me and my baby andy are back 2 gether =P im glad we are cuz i really missed him thows 1 1/2 weeks not being with him..
wishing my baby gets his comp back but that not gonna be intill next week..
So that means more time on the phone =P hehe
we talk last night on the phone for only 30mins cuz of mom ='( cuz im grounded ...
but yeah after i got off the phone i started crying.. and idk y i cryed my self 2 sleep.. i guess cuz i really missed him alot... and i never get 2 tlak on the phone with him anymore.. ='( i just cant wait 2 get home cuz i wanna call him really bad... baby i love you!!
~Sydney loves Andy~