Monday, February 27, 2006


Bored at skool wish i could be home but im not =( Brandi didnt have my skittles yet -( lol ugh i hate sneeking on the comp 2 talk 2 my bf it sucks cuz when i do i get off right when i get on =( i hate it.. 2day i get the pone back but i prob wont get 2 use it..
o well
i love you baby!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ugh im at skool and i wanna go home =( my v-day sucks.. Cuz i didnt get 2 talk my bf on the phone Cuz of mom siad i can use the phone for a hr and i use that hr on Amanda and Dani and i didnt know i can only use the hr then i was crying cuz i wanan 2 talk 2 my baby on the phone mom gave up and gave me 30min on the phone And i Never got 2 use thows 30mins... i told my baby and all he said was okay.. ='( ..
idk when im online with him we dont talk much and i feel like we falling part.. AND I DONT WANT THAT.. i mean we try 2 talk online But we cant find nothing 2 talk about .. i even try but we still got nothing 2 talk about ANd him and shandi always talking .. i mean there always haveing a gd cov and stuff... =( y cant it be like that with me? .. ='( at less she got 2 talk 2 my bf on the phone on v-day =( Baby i really love you.. i write u a letter 2 day but i dont wanna send it cuz my ugly handwriting lol..
well i g2g bell about 2 ring
i love you baby
DANI U nigga lmao... black... gotta go see that movie DATE MOVIE and see that chicks Grill " let me see ur grill" lmao...
Baby i love you and never 4 get that.. i cant quit thinking about u i mean i cant even do my work.. =$

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hey baby
happy v-day *kiss* i miss you soo much ... im at skool it sucks lol i got lots of skittles and nathan got me & dani a rose =P
i love you!!!!